Queue items in remaining state

Why I am not getting transaction data from the queue , even when I see the the transactions in remaining state ?

Transaction Item is argument in flow (framework). Double check passed arguments.

I am working in reframework there are not much changes in framework but just after initialization it goes to final state saying no transaction items found
do i need to change the state of transactions ?

In reFramework, the queue is read from the Config.xlsx file. Have you entered the name of the queue in Config as the value for the “OrchestratorQueueName” key?

If I were you, I would do a test reading of the transaction data displayed on the screen in the form of Message Box or Write Line in the Get Transaction Item module, and then the same after leaving the module.
Then check if:
A) You can view the transaction data in the mother module
B) you will check if the argument goes through the workflow correctly.

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