How to use Postpone Transaction Activity


Apologies if this is not in the correct place.

I’m working on a process where I need to Postpone a transaction by a certain amount of time.
So effectively I use Get Transaction Item to get the transaction, I store its content in string variable and I begin to do the work on it. Later on the process determines that this case is not correct and it needs to be postponed and picked up by the automation 24 hours later, but it doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve created an isolated case where I have a test queue, I have Get transaction item, I use a log to see its content and then I postpone it for 5 mins. However if I immediately run the process again to see its content it’s showing up fine. I assumed it’s going to throw an error that the set duration has not passed.

Hope what I explained makes sense. Can anyone help me out with this or have any ideas?

Thank you.

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Did you get this resolved?

Hi @rshanthi

Yes I have resolved it. I used this in the “Postpone” field of the Postpone Transaction Activity.

DateTime.Now.AddHours(PostponeHours) - > PostponeHours was an Integer asset that can be easily controlled.