Working items on a later date

I have a case where id like for my bot to process items in the queue if certain conditions are met the bot will put the item back in the queue and move onto the next item but will pick up the previous item on another date. what would be the best way to do this?

Hi @duaine.b

You can use Postpone Transaction Item Activity and pass the date the Transaction need to be processed

Items with Postpone date will not be get by Get Transaction Item Activity until the current date is equal to or greater than Postpone date

Activities - Postpone Transaction Item (


thanks for sharing this rikulsilva, what happens to the status of the item once this activity is used there’s not much on this activity online. For example on a normal flow once the item has been pick up it changes to in progress, once the bot has done what is required it could potentially change to success, failed etc. How would this activity effect this. would it go back to new or would i need to set that myself? just trying to understand how the bot know to pick this up again later?

Hi @duaine.b

The status will revert to new and the item will only be processed when the set date is reached.

You only need to prevent set status in Set Transaction Status when the item was postponed

This is also valid when you are adding the items. You can add them already with postponed date defined to processed them in a specific date.


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