Postpone transaction item problem

hey all

I have SAP transactions to automate, some of them have dependencies,
when transactions cant run I use the activity postponed.
what is the best way to make the flow go back to “init” after postpone?, the robot continue the sequence altought the postpone, why is that?
i try to use THROW business exception but getting an err because transaction was postponed. thanks

problem is that after THROW when I get to set transaction status it wont compile cuse transaction was postpones . err code 1852

Hi @liran.levin ,

What date you are putting in postpone date ?
If you are putting current date then it will run for same item everytime better to put future date.


You can use If Condition like If your transaction can’t run then use Postpone else you can continue with sequence

As I don’t know how your workflow is, so I suggested a way to try

Hope this may help you



my workflow isnt perfect :slight_smile:
i have cuple of postponed options and its inside “Process transaction” i use the general bussines process workflow

my problem is when i postpone transaction - set transaction status runs to an err

Is your first problem resolved “continue the sequence although the postpone”?

maybe i didnt explaine myself well ( too much studio hours haha )

yes the robot continue after postpone, because i need it to geto to " CLoseAllApps"

So if you want it should come out as a Business exception then better to put postpone in trycatch and throw it as Business Exception.
I believe this will work.

u mean if the postpone wont work? but it does, as suppose

I mean it will always work but once it pass to postpone activity you throw Business ex from there as you don’t want the flow to come to success in SetTransactionStatus.

yes i tried that, didnt work , but thanks anyway:)

Let me check once on my test workflow, will let you know if got something on this.

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Hi @liran.levin ,
I figured out how to do this, please find the below steps:

1 - throw business exception with message New BusinessRuleException(“Postpone”)

Step 2: Create new flow decision after business exception check

Step3: In postpone sequence just add one log message as info.

Hope this will work now.

Hi @liran.levin , let me know if it worked for you.

hey @ermanoj3101
thanks for you replay, i was off work for couple of days, will let you know soon as possible

how do you check if the transaction was postpone in the framework?