How to use Microsoft Vision Activity


I registered a free account, get the api key, set it in the api key section from the Microsoft Vision activity, but I still get the error. How to use ServiceURL and SubscriptionKey for Microsoft Vision Activity

Check this new component - In case if find any issue in them then feel free to post a question directly to developer


Hi Akash,

Here is the documentation link (In following versions, the F1 key will take you to the correct URL)

So the solution is to eliminate the /vision/v1.0 from the path.


I have created a free account and tried using service URL and Key but getting these error…
any help



Have you found the solution.i am currently working on this

Yes, For free trial api, this path should be organized. For solution eliminate the /vision/v1.0 from the path.

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Hi Mihai,

I could eliminate the error with this documentation’s help. But the output is empty. Any idea why is that? @Mihai_Dunareanu

@loginerror any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance !

Use the below link

To Generate ServiceURL

It will work…

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I did. Thanks.

u r welcome

i have eliminated /vision/v1.0 but still giving error

try other method


i am also facing this below is


how to configure it? kinldy help me

Can you provide some knowledge on how did you achieve this issue?


this URL

To get proper Request URL
for your Process

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Hi Vishnu,

I used the URL which has been provided by Azure, in below image i removed vision v1.0, Then also i am getting an error.

This one is the Syntax

For you

try this one

I tried with this for Detect Face it works fine but in the same when i use read hand written text it gives me an error

which type of error?
could u share the error screenshot

Could you share your workflow