How to use Invoke VBA in STUDIOX?

Help can anyone guide me on how to use invoke VBA in STUDIOX?
my code is to SUM BY FONT COLOR in excel.

I want to sum the all green font colors…
then repeat for all red font colors and yellow font colors…

Hi @flashdrive07

If you have your VBA Code with you, all you need is an excel application scope, and you can use that vba code inside a invoke vba activity.

SUMBYFONTCOLOR.txt (377 Bytes)
this is my sample code … can you guide me more ?

from where are you getting these ranges for the function?
it would look something like this:

Your txt file should be kept in your project folder.

we have different invoke vba function i think…
this is my invoke vba screen. I am using StudioX

You see down below there’s a button for Add VBA Argument
you gotta use that and pass ranges from there.

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It prompts an error.


it prompts an error


Can you provide us with a sample project ?

Dragos. (63.3 KB)
hi please see attached file

Please reply i already attached my sample project