EXCEL must sum the colored cell in excel file

I’m using StudioX please help.

automation process must sum the colored cells in excel sheet.
for example the column is fill color red and must sum all the fill color red in the sheet…

I have trouble solving this one … your solution is a big help to me…

@flashdrive07 Hi, you want the sum of the colored cells?
you can either use the column name if it is for the whole column
or you can use macros.

ooohh i see, so studiox can’t automatically sum the colored cells ?

Hi @flashdrive07

Give a try with this custom activity

Another solutions:


You can loop through the columns, there is an activity called “Get Cell Color”, by which you can get the color of the current cell, and if it matches to the color specified, you can take the cell value to sum up. Attaching a sample screenshot below.

Hi thanks by this image i already got it… thanks

then my next question is . is it possible to set the font color of specific column using its header name ?