Change the font colour

In excel sheet ,in cell B1 a value is updated I have to change the value to red font hoelw to do that

check this post:

Can you explain me with xaml code

Hi @sruthesanju

Use invoke VBA activity,use inside the excel application scope and pass the text file which has VBA procedure.

Refer this link for VBA code for change font color.

Hi @sruthesanju
To change the font color, you can check this video


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Hi @sruthesanju

Please try the below method.

  1. Create a text file and past the below code.

Public Function color()
Dim rangeToFormat As Excel.Range
rangeToFormat = xlWorkSheet.Range(“B1”, “B1”)
rangeToFormat.Interior.Color = RGB(255,0,0)
End Function

  1. Use invoke code activity to execute the above code. Attached screen shot for your reference.


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Take Excel application scope activity and then drag the activity Set Range Color.

You can set the properties of Set Range color like this
Color = system.Drawing.Color.Red.
Range =“B1” or what u want
Sheetname =“XXX”


I did not found Cell Font activity in balareva package

Invoke VBA: Programmatic access to Visual Basic Project is not trusted
getting this error

but its change cell color

Hi @airwaveexporter

Please do this one time on excel

In order for this activity to work, Trust Access to the VBA project object model must be enabled from Excel (File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Macro Settings > Select the Trust Access to the VBA project object model check box).

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