How to Use Http Request

Hey guys,

I’m studying UiPath, and I want learn how use Http Request. How do Login on websites and make actions. Someone can help me?

I can download a PDF using this activity, but I can’t use to others functionalities.

Vai Brazilian.

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HTTP request is to access the RESTful services API @lucasimaque, this is entirely the backend process we can do to the web application without UI

If you want to login to the application by entering username and password using UI, try OPEN BROWSER activity which will open the URL in browser asusual

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Yes @HareeshMR, but I want do login in a website and do actions, click in menu options, links, navigate on site or download a file for example.

I know, I can log into a site with Open Browser and make actions. But, I want to do this using request to do actions in background. Because (in my opinion) this is better than Open Browser.

For example, I already use request to acess a link and download a PDF file.

Vai Brazilian.

Make sure your website (web application) has the restful webservices available then @lucasimaque

Actually restful services are used to get the data or post the data to the server.but I don’t understand what is your requirement.

Get the data is something we can get JSON data or files from the server and post in the sense post the files or dump JSON data to the server.

@HareeshMR, for example, the activity Http Request, allows me to inform the Username and Password.

Using this, How can I login in some website? We can use the UiPath as an example.

Can I login in this site using Http Request to capture some information? I know I can download the page’s html and use it to take the informations. But I need the page’s Token to login, how do I capture the token?

I have already used requests in python, but I wanna know if it is possible to use the Http Request of Uipath to do the same?

Vai Brazilian.

Here is the entire process to authenticate the site as it is a cloud application @lucasimaque