Http Request with status 401

Hey there,
I’ve got a problem with the activity “Http Request”. Here is the problem:
I want to do something using API in an Online Portal, for example creating a folder using API. Now I can use the activity “Http Request” to log in and to get api-key which theoretically can be used to create a folder in portal.
BUT after Log-In, the activity “Http Request” doesn’t work to create folders, I got status 401 as response. As comparison, using ARC, a software similar to postman, to simulate the same steps, this time I was able to create the folder successfully with status 200.
Could someone help me with this situation? Why is that and how can I solve this problem? Thank you very much

Hi @Zhao_Siming

Can you valid authentication credentials for the requested resource. This issue will happen because

• The request does not include the required authorization header or token.

• The authorization header or token is invalid, expired or revoked.

• The request does not match the scope or permissions of the authorization header or token.

• The server does not support or recognize the authentication scheme used by the request.

You need to make sure that your HTTP request activity in UiPath includes the correct authentication details for the API you are trying to access. Depending on the API, you may need to use different authentication methods, such as Basic, OAuth1, OAuth2, etc.


Hi Gokul,
thank you for your reply. I’ve checked it again in my pc. It’s so weird that it worked in ARC but it didn’t work in UiPath using “http request” with same parameters (api-token in header, three parameters in body) Do you know why? Does UiPath block some domains or there are some extra parameters should be set using “http request”? Thank you so much!