Http Request - Api

Hello everyone, i´m trying to connect an Api through Uipath.web.activities “Http request”, i would like to ask how can i put an Api Key and openssl dgst -sha256 -hmac

Hi @santiagora16,

Please contact the specific application/service provider for getting the authentication keys/token.

There are different Authentication mechanism like (Http,OAuth1, OAuth2), so based on the authentication mechanism the parameters will vary.

Hope this will help you. Thank you.


If your api is enabled with basic authentication try to pass your api key and open SSL are sent as parameters while making api call. Basic authentication would require username and password as well pass those parameters mentioned above.

If your api is enabled with Oauth1 you should pass your api key as consumer key and you have to identify the password for the api key and input password as the consumer secret while making an api call.

If it is Oauth2 you have enter token as parameter.

For better understanding please refer the http activity in the uipath docs. Thanks.


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Have a view on this where you have more that 10 videos which use HTTP request with HTTPS:

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