Is http request command working in enterprise or community edition

Please update in which edition http command will work

Both with package uipath.web.activities
For that go to design tab → manage packages → search the above package in official tab and install it
and we can use http request


Thanks for ur replay…please update me with how to login to any application using http request command by username and password

here you go

Cheers @Madhukumar_M

I have only the url,username and password…where should i applay in the http request command

Provide in following properties of HTTP request activity -

  1. URL - Endpoint
  2. Username and Password - under Simple Authentication properties group

Hope this helps.

here you go with an example

Cheers @Madhukumar_M

Make sure that the application which you want to access using HTTP request has the web API (may be REST or SOAP) @Madhukumar_M, If they have REST API, then you need to use HTTP request to authenticate or if it has SOAP services, then you need to use SOAP request and the corresponding method to authenticate

As like used in postman software…I was used in uipath for login to application by using the username and password but i am not getting any response…please update if u get any idea.

Yeah, cool then. If you are doing it in postman successfully, you will do that for sure in uipath also.
Can you post whatever you tried so far? And what is the response you are getting?