How can extract the Windows Credentials and use in my custom login workflow?

Lets say i have a custom login in the properties panel input section i have in_url, in_password & in_username. I have created windows credential in credential manager how do i pass these values into the input ?

To get credentials from the windows credential manager, you have to use the Get Secure Credentials activity.

Create in the activity Output panel two variables with Ctrl + k (one for Password in_password and another for Username in_username):

  • Password - The password retrieved for the specified target, as a secureString variable.
  • Result - A boolean variable that indicates whether the credentials of the given target were successfully retrieved from the Windows Credential Manager.
  • Username - The username retrieved for the specified target, as a string variable.


Then use an Assign activity and create a new variable with Ctrl + k that will hold the in_url string.

In the end, use the already created variables with data in your custom login workflow.

Let us know if this helped.

In case if you cannot find the activity in your Project, in the Manage Packages, look for UiPath.Credentials.Activities[2.0.0] and install it

In order to transform the SecuredString value to a String you can use an Assign activity that will create a new String value.

new System.Net.NetworkCredential("",CredentialPassword).Password

In order to transform a String to a SecuredString value, you can use an Assign activity that will create a new System.Security.SecureString value type.

new System.Net.NetworkCredential("", "YOUR_STRING_VALUE").SecurePassword

Note: Make sure that you are changing manually the variable type from String to System.Security.SecureString in the variables section.

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Thank you.

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