How to pass variables between workflows in uipath?

In my getappcredentials I have the variable username and password and then I call the getappcredentials using a workflow. But I wanted to use the username variable and password variable in initallapplications workflow (which I have invoke as you can see on the image) .

How do I pass that from the getappcredentials invoke to initallapplications workflow ? Thank you.

Any idea thanks.

Hi @Jelrey

Since u need to transfer data between workflow

You can use arguments for it

Hope you got it

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can you provide example?


U can create arguments inside get app credentials which stores password and username let’s say out_password and out_ username whose argument type is out

In the main variable section create variable s username and password and pass it to the invoke workflow of get app credentials to store the output of out_username and out_password and using that varible in main section transfer the username and password to init all application workflow by creating the argument of in type there

what do you mean by in the main variable section ? is that outside the invoke login workflow as you can see on the image above.


You can Open GetAppCredentials.xml

  1. open Argument Create Variable
  2. Then Invoke and click - Import Argument (you will see the Variable and pass the vairable )


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can You elaborate.

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