How to use flow decision after image save

Hi new to UIpath. In my flowchart, after i screenshot the image and save it to a folder, what should i do for the decision flow for the condition to make it true and false? thanks

@vkoh, Hi and Welcome to the community

You need to provide a bit of details, so what makes it true and what makes it false, so what are we checking for?

are we checking if the image was downloaded successfully or?

yeah to check whether the image had been save successfully. Sorry very new in this

@vkoh, no worries man, so you can use a Path Exists actiivity parse in the file path including the image name and extension eg (“myfolder\imagename.png”) Create an output variable like "Path_Exists".

then use an if activity parse in the condition “Path_Exists”, and then if image was downloaded “Path_Exists” will be true

let me know if you need futher assistance.

Sorry how do u write the if Path exist condition in decision flow?

this is what i had done so far for the sequence. after this seqeunce proceed to variable flow? thanks


You are on the right track, just drag the take screenshot activity inside the attach broswer, i see its throwng an error and thats because your web address is not sorounded by quotation marks it should be like ""

See example, i have an image (Regex.PNG) inside the folder called Attach and I am checking if it exists, to understand this better, run it first and notice it prints that "Image was downloaded successfully" and then delete the image and run it again, this time notice it prints "Image was not downloaded".

and also notice how i used my variables. hope this gives you a better idea. (39.4 KB)

so is better to use IF rather than flow decision? if want to use flow decision what should i do

@vkoh, a flow switch does not work inside a sequence, in the screenshots you provided looks like you are using a sequence if you want to use a flow switch you need to use it inside the flow chart…otherwise it works the same way.

Here is an example inside a flow chart using flow decision. please mark this as the solution and close the thread. (39.8 KB)

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