What condition i use for image exist in flow decision

Hi, I am automating citrix application and sometime logon popup appear, its not always. So to handle that popup, i am using “image exists” then assigned a variable to it (logonimage) and then used decision flow activity, in “image exists” give the image of popup, and in the decision flow , in true part used click activity (to close the popup).
getting error -condition must be set before the flow decision in flow chart main can be used so can some one help what condition i should use


As you said, you used Image Exists activity and stored result in ‘logonimage’.

Is this Boolean variable or not ?

Output of Image Exists activity is Boolean variable and pass the same in decision flow activity.

Hi Buddy @nd02,


  1. so while executing the process in citrix application along the process, hope you will know where does this popup appear on or before, along the process, before where you think this popup appear place an activity as you correctly mention as image exists and assign this output to a variable name image_exists of type boolean
  2. use a if condition with the boolean variable passed as variable just like
  3. If it occurs i.e., true use a click activity in then part of if condition to close that popup
  4. Or continue with your process in else part
  5. Thats all buddy you are all done…

Hope this would help you


yes tOutput of Image Exists activity is Boolean variable , so if i am correct, you are saying in decision flow condition it will be LonOnImage = true?, let me know if i am wrong. Will it handle the popup

Yes buddy it will, you are right

  1. set like if its true, use click activity to close that popup
  2. or go ahead with other activities…


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