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New to RPA but managing so far until I use the ImageExists function, I have an image with the condition Logoexists but I don’t think it’s right. When I run the program it is bypassing the image I have.

What I want to happen is when it searches a text image I want it to either finish there or continue with a further process. Tried both text exists & image exists.

As mentioned totally new to RPA, any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hello Scott.

Do you have all the further process inside THEN, in your IF Logoexists, in order for the process to only continue if Logoexists is true?

You can add log messages in both then and else with Logoexists.ToString, to see exactly what is going on, or use the Debugger in the slow step, and on Options-> Highlight Elements.

If the image you are checking is showing at some point, you can play around with some delays and timeouts.

Also, if you’re using Image Exist, make sure to not keep the uipath window open, because your robot will see the image in your workflow.

If you can, please upload your workflow.

Thanks Lemacia.

As a new user it doesn’t allow me to upload my workflow so attached screenshot. There is process’s after this which work fine. It’s just the image part, I know the image exists but ui path doesn’t seem to recognise it.


Sorry to re-add this, what I am trying to achieve is when webpage appears and a link to a pop up appears I want the Flow Decision to continue based on what the link shows.

E.g - Completed successfully - goes onto 1 process.
Completed with errors - goes on to another process.

I’ve tried - IF, image exists & text exists

Is there anything else I can try or has anyone come across this before?

Thanks again
RPA novice

Hi @scotthutton

So, just to understand better how the webpage Works. This link Always appear but sometimes with a delay or there is a possibility to not appear at all?

If it is the first option, you could use an image exist, create your boolean variable and create an while like this:

So Ui Path will wait until the link appears and will go on only after the link has shown up.

Hope it helps you

Hi @Yan_Boos

Thanks for this, the link will always be there but will change depending on wither there are errors or not.

If no errors then the link will read “Completed successfully”, if there are errors then it will read “Completed with errors”.

No matter I try I cannot get it to work.



You could try to use the Get Text activity to get the link text then an IF/Flow Decision, I think that both of them could help you in this case, but I’d go for Flow Decision.

The criteria you could use this: yourvariable.Contains(“errors”)

So if the link does not contains “errors” in the text then it’s False, and you’ll go to process 1.

Let me know if it helps!


Try using "Get ocr text " activity for reading text from images.

For more details refer the link : https://activities.uipath.com/docs/get-ocr-text

@Yan_Boos @syedabidraza thank you both for your input.

I used the GetText activity with GetText.Contains(“Completed sucessfully”) and it works as I wanted.

Thank you both again.


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