Need to know how to fix "Image Exists" for error message + "Flow Decision"

Hi all,
I would like to have your support… This is my first try for bit complicated activities, and I’m stuck in creating Image Exists + Decision.

I set up like the below. When I run it, it seems the Image Exists as well as Flow Decision do not run.

What/where should I fix?


Adding Image Exists

If this error message appears in the left corner after Sequence finishes.

Then, Flow Decision to figure out whether True to maintain one field or False to exit to Read CSV.

Thank you

Hi @Oskarin! Please check the selector of the image to see if it is valid. Also, is it possible to try to use Element Exists activity instead of Image Exists? I generally get better results with Element Exists!

Thanks for the advice. Once I changed the error image(bigger one) and used Element Exist for the error, it looks working fine!

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That’s great news!