How to use find ocr text position

Hey Guys

I am struggling to find out to use Find OCR Text Position activity. So I have used to find my keyword. Now I have created an UiElement output. But how do you use it? I basically want to use a type into activity where the postion of the keyword is found.

Any advice would be great? :slight_smile:


Use Anchor Base activity and on left hand side use Find OCR Text activity and on right hand side use Type Into activity. Then it will type the text if OCR Text position found.


Ok but how do you indicate the element in the browser for the type into. Or what do you put in this?


Could you please show me screenshot of that element. So that I can check and help you.

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Sure no problem. It is not an element though. It is looking for a keyword called Signature using the find text position acitvity. I am getting the following error when I run it.



I guess it’s not able to find that text. Once give it a try with Computer Vision activities and check it.

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Ok I will give it a try. Thanks.

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@lakshman I do not know how to use these activites effectlvely. I have the license and eveything set up correctly. But I do not know what activites to use. I have used a CV Screen Scope activity, then a CV Refresh to update it for different documents, then a CV click using the click relative anchor. Is that right because it does not seem to work?

I got find ocr text position activity to work. But it does not place the text relative to the position of signature. Do you need to take the output of activity and pass it into the element of the type into activty? Any ideas guys?