Copying Data in Excel and replacing in Word Document using UIPATH

I would like to copy data from excel and replace text in word document.

However the cell references that contain data are NOT fixed as it depends on the number of debtors and the number of table rows the user wants.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hello @audrxyx ,

To add data to Word document you use bookmark feature in work and the word activites. Please refer the below video.

To Read specific cell from Excel you can use Read Cell activity.

hi thanks for helping but I won’t be able to read a specific cell as I won’t know which cell will contain the data

Is this a static format or will it change?

the format won’t change but the cell references that contain the data will change

If the format remains static then the number of columns will be same. So you can use the Column number and row number to fetch the details from respective cells.

Is there any other challenge here?

my apologies, i misinterpreted your question. the format does not remain static.

Hi @audrxyx ,

Is it possible for you to provide us with the Sample Input Data, Both the Excel and Word Document, and also provide us with an Expected Output file ?

This would help us to analyse better and suggest a solution faster.

@audrxyx ,

Could you take a Look at the Below Post, it contains a Solution which can be modified as per your requirements :

Let us know if it doesn’t work and mention what was not achieved.

@audrxyx ,

If the Currency doesn’t appear in the Datatable form, Enable the Preserve Format Property in Read Range Activity and Check if the Value contains the currency.

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