Replace text in Word Document using Excel File but with a catch!

I would like to know how to change more than 1 variable in a word doc with reference to the data in an excel. In the excel, there is a record of data in different rows. Here is an example of the excel data with what I would like to replace into the document.
document >

I would like to put each row of excel data into one “box” in the word doc.
Currently I am able to replace the whole word document with reference to one row of excel data. However, it is supposed to go onto the next row .

Here is the excel file

Here is the Ui Path

I think you will need more than 1 placeholder for the name, like “Name1” to “Name8” and loop over the addresses using the next name field calculated like “‘name’ + str(i mod 8)”

[Replace word Document text.xaml|attachment]

excel student data (upload://pHu0Qq6wmieWHLDSm9BQkn3Bum9.xaml) (10.1 KB)
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Hi did u upload a solution ?

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Please someone help , I am going crazy trying to solve this problem :frowning:

I am not sure but you can try balareva office activities. I think it might be a solution to your problem

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Replace word Document text.xaml (10.1 KB)
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