How to use custom button names in messagebox?

Is there any way to use custom button label like continue and quit in message box?

There’s an “input” menu in the properties pane which has a Buttons option which “Specifies which buttons to be displayed in the message box.”

Have a look here;
Message Box Details

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Thank you for reply but it only have limited options. I want to change the name of buttons. For example I want Ok Cancel button with name Continue and quit. Is there anyway to do it?

You can use Input dialog box activity as per your need.

Well, how can one change the button text to something different? I want a box that gives the option between sending an SMS or make a Call. The button names should be be ‘SMS’ and ‘Call’.

You can use radio buttons with an input dialog activity. Fill in an array with the button names in the ‘Options’ field, like this:

Main.xaml (4.8 KB)


@bthusby have you get the solution?

Yes, it worked this way

So the answer is no then? no way to specify a string for the text that appears on a button in a dialog?

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