How to use a nupkg file in my Studio project ?

Hi UiPath community member ! :star_struck:

When we are stuck during a development, we migh need some custom packages. For this case, we often go to and write some keywords to find a custom package that might save/help us :grin:
Once we find the package, we can find several formats, often nupkg or xaml.
XAML is the format that we use daily with our UiPath projects (if you did not already notice, check the format of your Main file !)

Today we’ll go through an example of a nupkg, to understand together how to add it to its UiPath project :wink:

:point_right: Let’s say that we have a pdf, that has inside some attached files (like an excel file). And we want to extract the attachments of our pdf file. On marketplace, we have an interesting custom package, that is in nupgk format: Feat Systems - PDF to Excel - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

To be able to see the download button, we have to log in.

(Here is attached the package if you did not log in ExtractPdfAttachmentsActivities.1.0.2.nupkg (4.9 KB)

:point_right: To be able to use this nuget package, here is the way:

  1. Go to UiPath Studio and click on Manage packages, then parameters, then find where Studio gets its local path:
  2. Open a Windows explorer, and copy paste this local path, you’ll find a place where all nupkg are stocked:

    Then you just have to add the nupkg here (you might need administrator rights to add the nupkg file)
  1. Then you can come back to your Studio project, and in Manage packages, in All Packages if you write the name of the nupkg you’ll find it. Then you can click on install, save.

  2. Then check if your Output panel gives any error (red messages are error messages, orange messages are warnings, grey messages are log messages).
    In my case for instance, I discover that the package ExtractPdfAttachments.nupkg depends on another package:

    The name of the missing package is Syncfusion.Pdf.WinForms.

  3. To find this package, you need to go to this page:
    And write the package we are missing (Syncfusion.Pdf.WinForms), in the error message no specific version was specified, so I can take the highest version of the package:

  4. Click on download, and don’t forget to check if this package has also other dependencies. If yes (like in this case), add also these 2 nupkg to your Studio local path as earlier (and these 2 packages might need other dependencies etc)

    Everytime you add a nupkg, in your Studio local path, don’t forget to click on manage packages, install the package, and check the output to see if there are any errors or other dependencies that you need to add.

:point_right: Once you have added all the needed packages, you can on activities panel have the access to the activity and use it ! Et voilà :wink:


Let us know if you need more details :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: