.nupkg doubt

Hi guys i want to add .nupkg from my local folder to uipath studio as like this " 1. Install the package - download PDF to Excel package (.nupkg) file from Git repository to a local folder.
2. In UiPath Studio go to Manage Packages, right click on packages and select Configure Sources. You should be able to add your local folder as a custom source. Give your source a name.
3. Click Available, you will see your custom source next to Local, Gallery and Community. Now click on your source and select Pdf.to.Excel package. Click Install. Once you complete all steps you should be able to see PDF to Excel package in activities pane. Now it is ready to use."

and my version 2019.4.0 beta in this i couldn’t find any configure source in manage package’s what should i so now ?
i want to add activity as per this video https://devpost.com/software/uipath-pdf-to-excel-extractor
please help me to solve this.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


You can do this in two ways. Please check below screenshots.

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i tried by adding by this second way but its not get added! i have downloaded the package from gitup and where should i keep those files ? inside uipath studio packages or my local package is okay to keep?


You can keep any where. If you keep it in local package then make sure you have to create new package source and specify that folder path.

solved bro:)


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