How to use a local queue through 'Enqueue' method


Dear Community,

Thank you for reading this topic and I hope we can together learn from my recent challenge. Often, I initialize data in the initialization (using Reframework) and then selecting relevant data using the DataTable.Select method and filtering on certain requirements.After, I feed the array of datarows into process utilizing GetTransactionData. This works quite well but I know there is a robust solution as discussed in the the Best Practice document of UiPath I have learned that using a local queue is more robust as it allows the Reframework to work better as you’re kind of replicating the queue used in UiPath Orchestrator.

I have been trying to setup a local queue for some time now but so far I’ve had no luck. I get the error Queue does not have a public instance method named Enqueue

Searching through the community also did not deliver me any working examples. Therefore, my question: Is there anyone who has a basic setup of using local queues in UiPath?

Much appreciated, thank you!

How to create a QueueItem and use it locally without Orchestrator?

Managed to get it working.

For anyone interested, please see General setup attached.

Main.xaml (13.1 KB)
Caseoverview.xlsx (8.2 KB)