How to Import or Use Main Xaml workflow variable into another new created workflows


I want to use Main xaml workflow variables into newly creates workflows, can anyone please let me know how to do that.
I have to Invoke newly created workflow at the middle of the main and there i want to use that variables.

Also in main i am able to fetch the Asset value from Orchestrator and same is not able to fetch in newly created workflow.

Often, you can highlight the variable, press Ctrl + C, then go to the other workflow variables panel and press Ctrl + V. If that doesn’t work, you could always recreate the variable with the same datatype.

Your question also can be interpretated on how the invoked Workflow can Work with variables from man Workflow. For this Arguments are used

I have tried according to this, but I can able to import the Arguments in some of the Sequence, but in flowchart I can’t Import any Argument from another xaml file.
can you please suggest.