How to upload a package

Hey there guys !!! So I have a few folders, some of these folders, I’ll call main folders, contain other folders which contain the code, another folder will contain a config file and I need to upload the main folder up to orchestrator as a package. I’ve tried to convert the main file to a nupkg but that doesnt work. Maybe I’m going about it all wrong, appreciate your help in advance!!

Keep the main xaml in that main folder and the project.json file also
Then open that main xaml and publish it so that all the sub folders in that main folder will be published as well as a nupkg file

Cheers @Russygrl

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ok @Palaniyappan great, thanks I’m gonna try it!! Lets see hopefully i wont screw it up, lol


ok @Palaniyappan so i cut and copied the main xaml and the json in the main folder just like you said. Then i opened it in Studio and published it. Now I see it in Packages in Orchestrator. Is that it? So now if a user needs to download it they’ll have all the dependencies?

It worked, thanks!!

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