How to upgrade .NET Framework to 4.8 (or so) to be used by Studio


As I see, all the Studio 2021.X versions use .NET 4.6.1 for the projects built.
Is there a way to change it and to start using a higher version of .NET Framework?

Thank you!

Please check the below doc.


Thank you guys for the links, but it doesn’t work:

  • I have the latest UIPath Studio - 2021.10.6;
  • I installed .NET 4.8;
  • I uninstalled all the other .NET versions lower than 4.8 from OS.
    And it still uses 4.6.1. I have found that 4.6.1 is contained in UIPath Studio installation folder, so it has its own .NET installation that is used. But can’t I change or upgrade it?