How to update the excel row by row in fixed template

Hi Team ,

I had fixed template excel. I have to update the status one by one row .
All the items/details will be available in queue and i need update the all details include status of record .
I need update the excel i have all the details .

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Get the data from queue using get queue items

Use a for each loop and add thw data to datatable using add data row and then write the dt to excel


Hi Anil ,

I have process the cases after that i have to update the excel by row by row .

Not all the cases at a time .

If possible can you please share the xaml file .

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Then add only one row to datatable and use append range…it will append only one row always which you updated

This is how it looks

If you want more columns add accordingly in build datatable


Hi Anil,

Thanks for quick response.

But coloumn header will be in excel template only .
We need to that template only.


Then First read the excel using read range and use Clear datatable so that data will be cleared but the Structure or the columns remain(Or build datatable does the same for you)

And append range will not add any columns it will only append the data

Here you need column headers because while doing add data row it needs some structure