How to update values from data table to a template excel

I have summary Report SummaryReport.xlsx (11.3 KB) with 10 column and want to update to a template Excel which have 5 ALT-SMB Ship Delay Version-C1-D1 Load Template.xlsx (12.1 KB) column with different header name

you can use append range, before that prepare your dt for 5 sorted columns like excel template

can you share sample work flow xaml file


It will be better if you post screenshot of input & expected output for Forum members to help you.

ALT-SMB Ship Delay Version-A1-B1 Load Template.xlsx (10.6 KB) Expected out put (this template file will not have any data in it has only header) SummaryReport.xlsx (10.2 KB) Has all the data
get data from summary report and fill in the given template

If you already have excel file with you then just place the file in you desired location, then while writing/appending data in the same excel use Append Range

Give the excel file path with file name, Give the sheet name and also the DT name which have data to append in the same excel.

Hope it helps (y)

tried with upend activity , no result bcz the tow excel file will have different column name .

Try these steps :

  1. Create 2 Datatable variables say dt_1 & dt_2.

  2. Read SummaryReport.xlsx (With Headers) to datatable dt_1.

  3. Using assign activity,
    dt_2 = dt_1.DefaultView.ToTable(False, "Order Number", "Purchase Order Number", "Ship-To Customer Name", "Ship-To Email Address", "Estimated Ship Date")
    I was confused with email address so picked Ship-To Email Address.

  4. In Write Range activity, select datatable dt_2 & specify range as “B4” (Keeping headers off).

Public ReadOnly Default Property Item(recordIndex As Integer) As System.Data.DataRowView’.
Option Strict On disallows implicit conversions from ‘Boolean’ to ‘Integer’

See if this work for you, One simple basic representation, you can change as per you requirement(Run the project once and see the output in output folder) (52.9 KB)

I updated the query.

Hi ,

Check this workflow for your reference. (17.7 KB)

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