Fastest way to write data to excel

Hi all,
I want to update status in Excel column “Status” which is already available, which is the fastest approach to update it ? Write cell takes a lot of time .

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Please update it in Datatable itself. After updating all the rows, finally use write range to update in Excel sheet.

@kadiravan_kalidoss - I have to filter datatable dt1 and write the filtered data to another datatable dt2 . So this “Status” column is in dt1 and for all the values written in dt2, I need to write Status as complete. You mean I should loop in , assign row(“Status”)=Completed and Write range ?

Currently what you are doing, can u share your xaml…! I will try to update it.!

@kadiravan_kalidoss cant share xaml as its in Project , but - all I need is for each row in dt1, update status in dt2. That means if there are 100 values in dt1, I need to mark 100 status’ as successful in dt2.

BookTest.xlsx (9.1 KB)

Please refer Dt1 and Dt2. As per my understanding,

Dt1 has 7 rows, so i have updated completed status for those rows alone. This is what u want to achieve.

And confirm Dt2 will have some extra rows or not.

refer the attached excel, see in dt1 i do not have status column only in dt2 i have it . and that Status I am updating based on dt1 values in Column A which i pasted in dt2 column A. BookTest.xlsx (9.3 KB) (10.4 KB)