How to fill data to an excel template

Hi all,
I have an excel template which doesn’t have a structure and I want to update certain rows in the excel using the data from another excel sheet . So i read the other data from excel sheet as a datatable and later loop through the template to fill data into it but that doesn’t happen since the template doesn’t have a structure . Can anyone please help me with that?
Please refer the screenshot of the template . In the rows (a) (b) (e) (f) I need to update data row by row.

template.xlsx (16.6 KB)


You can find the Cell range of “Serial” and by using counter you can update the data row by row.
Hope this will help you.

Suresh J

I have the same issue and finding a solution to solve it :slight_smile:

Inside the loop where we get the details from other datatable, use n number of WRITE CELL activities with the input string and the cell range mentioned so that it will enter those values in the respective cells
But ensure that the template remains same only the. When write cell activities try to enter the values it will enter to the right cell

Cheers @Shailesh123