How to update data from one excel to Another excel Template

1.In excel(test1) I have headers like serialNo,Description,Nos,Total. I need to update each column from excel to excel template without specifying the range it has to take entire data from column (serial No,Descriptions,Nos,Total etc…)
2.Excel template is having data in every columns …So I have to update the serial no from excel(test1) to column C in the excel template.
3.In excel template column “c” if there is data till "c10"from C11 onwards I have to update the serial No from excel(test1),In column “E” I have to update description from excel(test1) to “E11”.Like these all other fields also needs to update in specify columns.
4.How many data are available in the serial no in excel all those has to be updated in the excel template without specifying the range.
Can anyone please help me to solve this

Hello, @Chippy_Kolot - Can you please share an input excel and expected output excel

test1.xlsx (8.6 KB)
Excel_template.xlsx (9.0 KB)

@Chippy_Kolot So, you want to update only column C in the excel template with the Column A data from test1.xlsx. Correct me if I am wrong

Yes like wise I have to update descriptions to column E11 in the excel template, “Nos” in the column “F11”,Total in the column “H11” ,
This is just a sample, sorry I cant share the real excel here .
If I’m having more headers in the excel(test1), I have to update all those in the specific columns of excel template .

5.Test1 is the input excel, from Test1 I have to update all the data from
and update in to column “c” in the excel template. till column c10 its having some data after that these data has to update. But cant mention the specify range.

@Chippy_Kolot Have a look on the attached workflow (18.5 KB)