Update fields in excel


Hi all,

I am having the below excel file:


I want to generate a template for the ones where column B = Yes
I already have the code for generating the template.
But after it is done, I want the status to be changed from blank to “Done”.

Currently I am trying it with “filter datatable” and then write range, but the problem is that when I write the range I only have the ones that have “column B = yes” while I want to write all the data back to excel, but with updated column C.

Any advice?


You can use the below way. But it’s longer.

  • Use for each row.
  • If row(“ColumnB”).tostring = “Yes”
    • True: row(“ColumnC”) = “Done”


You can rather avoid the filter data table, loop through all rows of the complete data table and generate template only if column B is Yes. This way your entire data table is available and only the processed rows have updated value in Column C. You can write the data table back again to the sheet.


Thanks, this is indeed what i was looking for.

@kaderms also thanks for your involvment, i think you meant the same as the reply above yours.


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