How to update Asset credentials?



Hi Folks,

How do I update the Asset credential password in Orchestrator?

It always returns old password using Get Credential, where as asset non credential works fine.

Do I need to Stop/Start Service during the password update (tried did not work) ? Or do I have to delete the credential and create a new one everytime?



Hi @vvaidya
Don’t know which version you are using or is this issue related to any orchestrator version but there is a bug(?) that if an asset is credential and is not set per robot than update of password takes long time (for me it was 6h :scream: ).
Mean time solution for this is just to set asset as per robot type.

(I am not sure now but ticket to UiPath was created about this, @andrzej.kniola (?) )



Can’t find it… Strange.

Either way Tomek is correct. There is a delay on generic credentials. Per robot were working fine for us.
You might try refreshing the app pool for Orchestrator, as it seems to be on that side, not the robot.


My version is 2016.2 and I just tested per robot credential(monthly expiring) and works fine. But the thing is, same login is going to be used by 10 bots, so the plan is to move this log in from Windows creds to Assets, so the support team won’t have to change one by one every month. Thinks might look simpler than the previous for them though.

Thank you both for the help!

BOT Credentials setup in orchestator is reset often

Fyi… ResetIIS and App Pool refresh did not work. I can live with Per Robot for now…

Update: For some reason its not updating the Sql Database itself. Configuration.Assets Table


@qateam ?