Retrieving asset credential from Orchestrator via REST API

Hi everyone,

I am trying to rename an asset using Orchestrator API. The problem is that end point for editing asset takes a whole asset dto and my asset is of type credential. Hence username and password need to be sent in the request. However when retrieve the asset, the API returns only the username and password field is empty. Is there a way to either retrieve the password via API or any other way to edit the asset name?

This is what I receive from assets endpoint

		"Name": "Test_Cred",
		"CanBeDeleted": true,
		"ValueScope": "Global",
		"ValueType": "Credential",
		"Value": "username: testuser",
		"StringValue": "",
		"BoolValue": false,
		"IntValue": 0,
		"CredentialUsername": "testuser",
		"CredentialPassword": "",
		"Id": 3,
		"KeyValueList": []

I want to change the name from Test_Cred to Cred_New_Name


You can’t retrieve the password through a GET call.

You can however change the password when you’re doing a PUT.

Just update the Name field as well as the credential password field with a new password.

If you need the password to be exactly the same as the one before, you can use get credential activity in UiPath and use type Secure text on a notepad or smth to see your old password.