GetRobotCredential activity not retrieving the last updated password

Hi Guys,

So I have a situation where:

  • I’m setting username and password in the asset to connect to Oracle DB.
  • In my code, I’m fetching username and password through GetRobotCredential activity.
  • Then converting the secure string password to string using below code:
    new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, password).Password
  • After that using Database connect activity to connect to DB.

Now the problem is that this was working fine earlier. But few days ago the password got changed for my DB and when I’m trying to run my code again now, my DB connection is failing.

Upon logging the connection string, I found out that old password is getting retrieved every time instead of me setting the new password in the asset.

What should I do to solve this. I don’t want to hardcode my password in the connection string while connecting to Oracle DB.

whne password is updated you should update the same in asset you created in orchestrator, have you done that.?

Hi @Divyashreem

yep, I have updated assets configured in orchestrator, but still the issue is happening.

The old password is retrieved every time.

Im not sure as I did not face this issue when i updated the asset password.
In the show password are you able to see your new password?

As a workaround can you delete the asset credential and create it again :slight_smile:

ohh well I did everything. Like using the new Asset credential, changing the variable name in the code holding the password. Nothing seems to work.

Also, show password shows the new password.

@nadim.warsi @Divyashreem

Do you guys have any other idea?

Last option is use try catch if bot is not able to retrieve credentials from orchestrator, then save those in windows credentials manager in catch block retrieve credentials from windows credentials manager.