How to unlock windows session in unattend Bot working in orchestrator?

Hello, I wanted to see if someone can help me, this is my scenario, I have a robot which, depending on certain rules, opens an excel, what I’m looking for is that in case the windows session is locked, it’s unlocked, I’ve searched do it but I can not find anything like doing it

When you run bot from orchestrator bot itself will unlock the machine you don’t need to do that explicitly.

Divyashreem, I am using Orchestrator to schedule my BOT which does some activity on UI. But it doesn’t work when the machine is locked. Any idea how to overcome?

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Actually I have some robots with windows 10 can be unlocked automatically after running a job from orchestrator and some can not be locked !
I do not know why some do and some do not.

please advise if any have a suggestion

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I got same situation. My robot is trigger by Orchestrator. Sometimes normal, sometimes fail. If I login to robot server and wait the job trigger. I must be success. Any idea?