How to type to fixed coordinates in UI?

I’m trying to type to some fields in a UI but UIPath can not recognize the fields to type. So I would like to type using the coordinates. The fields always be in the same coordinate of the window, so if I use the coordinates, perhaps I solve the problem. Someone can help me ?

Hi @gcc2104

is there anything unique next to the fields where you want to type (something like labal, image …) ??

You can launch UiExplorer and click on the field you want to type into if that’s possible, and then in UiExplorer you can look at the Property Explorer Tab to find the position of the element you have selected.

Then input the position coordinates into the Clipping Region in the properties panel

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Hey, you can also use the F3 while selecting the element and draw a box around the area, which will set the Clipping Region for you.


Although, I don’t necessarily encourage you to use Clipping region of an entire Window.