How to type text in explorer in background?


Dear all,

How to type text in explorer in background?

Robot can type static text or variable in foreground, but doesn’t type in case of screen is locked.



did you tried all the variants: simulate type, windows messages? you could also try “Set Text” activity, although it may be same as simulate type…


Hi theo500,

I tried simulate type, windows messages, Set Text.
But robot cannot type in background.

the same robot can type into the same element with neither simulate type nor windows messages in foreground.

I want to know how to type into explorer box in background.



in rpa “background” typically refers to “window not in foreground” - which genuinely works in uipath.
i might be wrong but i believe only non-ui operations run on locked screen hence I am not sure if there is a solution for this …

is it necessary to have have the computer locked during the execution?



It is necesary to have the computer locked because the computer is used by many other users with remote desktop.(UiPath is installed in the computer.)

And I referred to knowledgebase, therefore automation basically works in background also;