How to type into /N(the Transaction Code) in SAP with the Call Transaction Activity?

Hi guys!
As you know, I can type into the “/N” to return the Main Portal of SAP manual.
Now I use Call Transaction Activity with the “Transaction Code” /N, it occurs some error that no Transaction Code, SAP will return the Main Portal.
I can see that the string that Call Transaction Activity writes is /n/N.
So Anybody knows the right way?
Best Regards!

hi @donghai

I would say, the easy fix is to use type into activity with “/N”

Call Transaction Activity is built to use /n + Transaction code + Enter.
In your case it will be “/N/N + Enter” and yes it is not good.

use type into activity with “/N + Enter”

Best regards, Lev

Thanks for your reply.
I found that the Call Transaction was more stable than type into activity in SAP.
I will use Call Transaction Activity and with the attribute continue on error checked.
Best Regards.

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