How to type in data into application text field without using the application?

The application is in production environment and there is no test or development environment. Hence the extacted data has to be entered into the fields in prod env. How can we test the data entered in right field because data can’t be mismatched in prod evn. Please suggest a solution.


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Try constructing a selector your self…or open prod application in dev and identify it…

Can you elaborate a bit more


Hi Anil

Thank you for your response.

Our client does not have either of Development or Test environment. They are asking us to implement the bot directly on prod environment.
I can construct the selector by taking the selector code from the application but how can I test my end-to-end run. they are not allowing us to use the prod environment.


Do do the submit parts…but you can do remaining activities or clicks and type into…

And submit parts try verifying while doing it parallel with your business teams



Thank You.

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