How to use the data that is pulled from the queue in the fields of an application

Hello Everyone ,

I have 4 queue items added in the queue. I am able to get the data from the queue in the output panel of the studio by using specific content. I would like to know how to use this data to fill in the fields of an application automatically using the data which i extracted from the queue using dynamic selector

Could any one please help me on this


If you have the variables already,
Open this application and use a typeinto activity and in the variable pass the variable name.

Each time it will insert the data that you fetch from the queue.
For this you will not need a selector


Not sure if this will work . I opened the application and used desktop recording ,
Then , used invoke workfile and used the workflow which is used to store the value
Now , I am trying to import the arguments

This doesnt work as the workflow is executed , but the values are not filled …

Any tip here for me to proceed .

Thank you

Hello @kavsanu

Check if your input arguments are right informed and that there is no variable with the same name that your argument in the workflow.

Can you share your file to help you to check it?

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