How to type a particular line in italics while composing mail through uipath

How to convert a normal font to italics

You can check the mailMessage property isbodyHTML and in the body use like below:

<i> Your text/string variable here</i>
<p>Regards, <br> Syed </p>


I want that particular line to be italics from my code…f

i am not able to get the variable value in the mail

"<html><head><head><meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html; charset=windows-1252'/></head><body><p>Hi, "+variable1+"</p><p> Your subscription is going to end. Renew it ASAP. Please find below details.</p><p>Name- "+variable2+"</p><p>ID- "+variable3+"</p><i>Please do not Reply to this mail.</i><p>Regards, <br>xxxx</p></body></html>"

This is a working sample.

I have used Outlook.


just use the above html code. Edit the message and create the 3 variables and assign them values or give them default values like i have done

thank you nadhim

Worked? Great! :slight_smile:

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