How to display the Variable in BOLD in Expression Editor in Email Body

Dear Team,
As part of my Business Process flow, i need to send a Notification Email to Customer saying that Particular Server is Up & Running.
In Send Outllok Email->Body: I passed the Server Variable.

Here i am able to get Email, BUT i need that Server Name should be dispalyed in BOLD in Received Email in Inbox.

Please kindly let me know is there are possibility of achieving this.
Much Appreciated your help & Support…


To use formatting, you have to change the mail type to HTML by selecting the checkbox “isBodyHtml” in the send outlook mail properties. Then build the body of the mail using HTML tags

Refer the above link on using HTML tags in the email

Itried as below:

This Is some text!

This Is some text!

This Is some text!

Note: The font element Is Not supported In HTML5. Use CSS instead.

But getting attached Compiler Error:

Please help…!!!

can someone please help on this - thanks

Replace the Double quotes used for font size, face and color with single quotes. Double quotes should only be in the beginning and at the end in your case.

HI Dinesh,
Thanks for the help

But for variable, I am getting the Variable Name in the Mail Body when i sent Mail, instead of Variable value.

I USed like below:

Validared the Server “Server_Name_Variable”

If you are using variables, split the html code like below, variable names must not be inside quotes and should be concatenated using +

"<html><body><p>First Name :" + VariableName + "</P></body></html>"

Replace your content

Hi team,
I want to get variable output is a BOLD.Means my Variable=Name
This Name should get BOLD format.Can any one help me.