How to trigger the Uipath Bot using Orchestrator API in Power virtual agent Chatbot

Hi Team,
I need to create a Chatbot using power virtual agent to trigger the UiPath Bot using Orchestrator API’s.

User provided the invoice number (Input) in the Chatbot then Chatbot create the input data along with invoice number and then trigger the UiPath Bot using UiPath Orchestrator APIs. UiPath Bot will give the summary report in the Chatbot (Output).

  1. Can anyone suggest any solution for this…
  2. How to create the Chatbot like if invoice number is given in the Chatbot then Chatbot create input file template.?? (Input template like this --Invoice number, Account number, From Date and To Date)
  3. If user provided the account number along with From date and To date. Chatbot will create the input template???
  4. How to integrate the Chatbot and UiPath Orchestrator APIs or trigger the UiPath Bot using UiPath Orchestrator API’s in Chatbot???
    5)How to send the attachment (summary report) in Chatbot as a Output???

Thanks in advance.
Can you please suggest any solution…



You can use start job end point for the same

Sample body:

  "startInfo": {
    "ReleaseKey": "<Key>",
    "Strategy": "ModernJobsCount",
    "JobsCount": 1,
    "Source": "Manual",
    "MachineRobots": [
        "MachineID": <From Machines End PointID>,
        "RobotID": <From Users EndpointID>

Machine robots is optional can be removed if not needed


@Anil_G Thanks,

Can you please explain how to integrate the Chatbot with UiPath Orchestrator APIs.

And also how create the template the based on input data.


That is what is provided above in chat bot use orchestrator api provided above which will start a job on UiPath and we can also add input arguments whicha re taken in chatbot


Thanks @Anil_G
I will check

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Here are few more about api and authentications

<orchestratorUrl>/swagger/index.html - get the swagger file for orchestrator api where you can explore all apis and how to use