How to tell the web scraping sequence to search for the criteria that has been entered?

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I am fairly new to UIPath and have done bits and pieces of automation, but…

I m trying to create an automation that gathers hotels from a specific destination and their prices into a excel sheet using web scraping, but the problem is as follows:

It needs to ask the user, what destination (e.g Paris) they want to search for, and the price range (e.g 50-100€ a night). After this it would produce a list of hotels in a specific price range at that specific destination.

**Q1)How do i build a search function with two sets of criteria (Destination and price range)? **

Q2)How do i tell the web scraping sequence to search for the criteria (Question 1) that has been entered? (destination and price change depending on what user is looking for)

Workflow is as follows:

1-User enters destination and price range

2-Web scraper gathers data from web page

3-Enters said data (hotels from destination in the specified price range) into excel

4-Saves excel file onto desktop

Any tips/pointers would be greatly appreciated

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Hi @RobbieJ, try this way

  1. first the use the user destination as input and web scrappe all the datas

  2. then use the filter datatable activity to filter out the price ranges

  3. Then after the filter , write the filter data into excel file

Hope it help you

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Nived N

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Thanks for the help Nived! I got it now, but still have an issue when searching with a different travel destination, im guessing it has to be made into a dynamic web scraper?

I think it will not be an issue unless data is same in structure as the destination changes @RobbieJ

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