Data Scraping For User Defined Queries

Hi All,
I am having a bit of a difficulty with extracting the flight duration, price of flight and the amount of stops dependent on the user query. I am able to do this using the data scraping method but that only seems to work on specific pages set.
Below is my file of what I already have. I haven’t put anything there as of yet as all I have done like I have said is just use the data scraping function. (17.9 KB)
Below is the data that needs to be extracted. Note that the prices and durations will change dependent on where the user wants to go.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

There you go!
This is a workflow with the data extraction steps to help you start.
ExtractFlightsInfo.xaml (9.2 KB)

You can read about it here.

I understand how to data scrape, I may not have explained it well… So what I want it to do is be dynamic so if I decide for my going to place is Florida I want that scraped and if I wanted to go to Japan I want that scraped meaning it has to be dynamic. Therefore, I didn’t think data scraping would be of use where instead you would have to use some kind of screen scraping where you iterate through the differing elements but I didn’t think that was very efficient

But as per your workflow, you are getting the from and to stations from the user. Why would you want to scrape that again from the website?

Did you mean you want to scrape the destinations of those specific flights? That should be possible with data scraping still.

By the way the workflow that I gave works for any destination combinations. That doesn’t depend on the locations

I am very sorry, there was some issue with overwriting a CSV file I do apologise. Thanks for your help though!

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