How to taking mail adresses from the mailToList and setting "mail to" smtp mail

Hi guys,

I have a emailadressesList in List(String). I want to taking mail adresses and sending mail to them at the same time. Not one by one.
ex : MailList => list(string)
in MailList, lets say
Mail to : mailList
MailSubject : TEST

How to do “MailTo” side like that?


Hi @Kuki_Force ,

Use this below code in to address property of send smtp activity,
String.Join(";", mailList)

This will send email to all of addresses at once.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:


Hi @Kuki_Force

You can use the String.Join method to concatenate the email addresses in the MailList into a single string, separated by semicolons. Then, you can pass that string as the MailTo parameter in the Send SMTP Mail Message activity.

Kaviyarasu N

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Hey man thx a lot.

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