How send mail to multiple recipients at onces by a mail list

i have a email list = new list(of string)
i want to send a mail to all email address at once
how can i trigger it
with out using for each

Which type of platform you are using to send a mail?
Usually you can use a ;(Semicolon) to separate one recipient’s email Id with others.

hi @ManiPrajwal_K
im using outlook mails

Sending mails by using SMTP or Send Outlook Mail messages?

If you’re using Outlook then ; works fine.

im using Send Outlook Mail messages
i m having email address and as a list of strings

Check this below code, @Tharusha_Fernando
String.Join(“;”, EmailListVariable) - Pass this to the “To” part of the Send Outlook Mail activity.
Hope this may help you :slight_smile:


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